Bottling It - Street Photography

I finally didn't hesitate and just made the shot.

I’ve been trying street photography a lot more recently. Ever since I first picked up a camera I have enjoyed learning about street photography and looking at street photographs. I love how “real” they are and the rawness of some of them, I think it suits how I like to see and think of the world.

The problem for me and I think a lot of other people is though that I feel very uncomfortable pointing my camera at a stranger on the street and then just end up BOTTLING IT! I always have my camera on me no matter where I go and I have done so from the start, but everytime I see a scene that I like and that catches my eye I hesitate to pull the camera up and either miss the moment or just not have the courage to do so and carry on walking and then kick myself after. So I thought this was not the fact that I just had to work on it and get over it but that it was the fact I was carrying a DSLR, what a fool! So after constantly telling myself and Tabitha that this was the reason I ended up buying a “stylish” film camera thinking that this would make me more comfortable in these situations, and that somehow I would just go round pointing my camera wherever and whenever I wanted and would stop bottling it!

Of course I was an IDIOT! And this would not work, I still kept hesitating and pulling out of shots. This had nothing to-do with the camera I was holding but that I just need to force myself to point the camera at people and that would be the way I’d get more comfortable. At the end of the day what’s the chance that something bad is really going to happen from doing so?

So now I have gone back to using my DSLR because I can try shooting from the hip or trying different shots and it doesn't cost me money like it does on film, film is a bad thing in this case because I am not rushing my shots which film is good at preventing but I want to experiment so things will go wrong and that costs me money on film.

I think the biggest thing to take away from this is that it is never the cameras fault or the thing holding you back but the person behind it! We just have to keep trying and eventually we will overcome the issue. After just pointing the camera at someone for a split second and then building from there you will be massively surprised at how much of a difference it makes. Just like I was. Now I am not saying I am through this problem because I am far from it but I am definitely getting more comfortable and progressing which is the main thing.

I will eventually get there. And so will you.


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