Making A Schedule - WHY?

Hello Friends,

Do you always get that feeling that you never have enough time to do anything or that you just have way too much to do and never enough time?

Me too, this was until I read an article by the one and only Chase Jarvis (link here)

This was all about making and keeping a schedule, everyday to break down your time into slots and then dedicate tasks to them time slots, but insuring that you leave a break in between each time slot so that you can do whatever you want and “reward” yourself. The main thing is though that in the time slots where you have dedicated work is that you give it 110% and then reward yourself in the break after, otherwise it doesn't work properly.

Now doing this doesn't take long at all, just break your day down into reasonable time slots. This could be 1 hour 30 minutes for work and then a 30 minute break for yourself after. Or even more basic, just break your day down into morning, afternoon and night?

Breaking your time down like this just allows you to clear your head and stop you feeling like you never have enough time to do everything. Because you do! If you just manage it well.

Not only does making and keeping a schedule let you manage your time and tasks well it also helps you be more productive and consistent in your work, which especially when you do work for yourself is one of the hardest things to do. Am I right?

For me the best thing about doing this is that it just makes everyday SIMPLE! Just like having a one camera one lens setup or wearing set clothes. It allows you to just get up and get on with what needs to be done and removes all procrastination, well most of it atleast HAHA.

“Busy isn't success, it’s a lack of priority” - Chase Jarvis


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